Honkai: Star Rail – Himeko Skills, Materials, Talents, and more

Himeko is a familiar face to a lot of players, so here’s everything we know about her in Honkai: Star Rail, including her Skills, Materials, Talents, and more.

Honkai: Star Rail – Himeko

“The one who repaired the Astral Express. To witness the vast starry sky, she decided to travel with the Astral Express. Her hobby is brewing hand-made coffee.”

Himeko is a recurring character in quite a few Hoyoverse games and one that is well-loved by the community. In-game, she is a 5-star Fire character, and her Path is The Erudition. Members in this Path are known for devastating AoE attacks, capable of taking down multiple enemies at once. Be it using her Talent, her Skill, or her Ultimate, Himeko is capable of taking down waves upon waves of enemies.

She is one of the first characters we meet upon starting the game and will actually join your team temporarily. The Traces of her skills revolve around applying Burn on the enemy while increasing her damage against those who are burning as well.

Himeko Trailer

In the English voiceover, she is voiced by Cia Court, who has notably lent her voice to other video game characters such as Vi from League of Legends, and Ogura Mio and Inagi Hotomi from Genshin Impact.

Tanaka Rie provided the voice for Himeko’s Japanese voice. Rie is a well-known voice-actor in the industry, lending her voice to Honkai Impact 3rd’s Himeko, as well as Lisa from Genshin Impact

Himeko Ascension Materials

To fully level up Himeko to Level 80, you will need the following:

Flamespawns drops:

15 Extinguished Cores
15 Glimmering Cores
15 Squirming Cores

65 Endotherm Chitin
308,000 Credits
(anything equivalent to) 5,797,920 EXP:

289 Traveler’s Guide
3 Adventure Log
3 Travel Encounters

Himeko Skill Materials

Maxing all of Himeko’s Skills (Basic ATK to 6, Skill, Ultimate, and Talent to 10) will require the following materials:

Flamespawns drops

33 Extinguished Cores
46 Glimmering Cores
28 Squirming Cores

Calyx drops:

12 Key of Inspiration
53 Key of Knowledge
101 Key of Wisdom

Echo of War drops:

9 Destroyer’s Final Road

6 Tracks of Destiny
2,197,000 Credits

Himeko Trace Materials

Activating all of Himeko’s Traces will require the following materials:

Flamespawns drops:

9 Extinguished Cores
10 Glimmering Cores
30 Squirming Cores

Calyx drops:

6 Key of Inspiration
16 Key of Knowledge
38 Key of Wisdom

Echo of War drops:

3 Destroyer’s Final Road

5 Tracks of Destiny
802,500 Credits

Himeko Skills

The values below are each skill at Level 1.

Basic Attack – Sawblade Tuning (Single Target)

Deals Fire DMG equal to 50% of Himeko’s ATK to a single enemy.

Skill – Molten Detonation

Deals Fire DMG equal to 100% of Himeko’s ATK to a single enemy and Fire DMG equal to 40% of Himeko’s ATK to enemies adjacent to it.

Ultimate – Heavenly Flare (AoE)

Deals Fire DMG equal to 138% of Himeko’s ATK to all enemies.
Himeko regenerates 5 extra Energy for each enemy defeated.
Energy Cost: 120

Talent – Victory Rush (AoE)

When an enemy is inflicted with Weakness Break, Himeko gains 1 point of Charge (max 3 points).
If Himeko is fully Charged when an ally performs an attack, Himeko immediately performs 1 follow-up attack and deals Fire DMG equal to 70% of her ATK to all enemies, consuming all Charge points.
At the start of the battle, Himeko gains 1 point of Charge.

Technique – Incomplete Combustion (Impair)

After using Technique, creates a dimension that lasts for 15 second(s).
After entering battle with enemies in the dimension, there is a 100% base chance to increase Fire DMG taken by enemies by 10% for 2 turn(s).
Only 1 dimension created by allies can exist at the same time.

Himeko Traces

Magma – Skill deals 20% more DMG to enemies currently afflicted with Burn.

Fire DMG +4.8% (requires Ascension 4)

ATK +6% (requires Ascension 5)
Fire DMG +4.8% (requires Ascension 5)

Benchmark – When current HP percentage is 80% or higher, CRIT Rate increases by 15%.

Effect RES +6% (requires Ascension 6)
ATK +8% (requires Level 75)

Starfire – After using an attack, there is a 50% base chance to inflict Burn on enemies for 2 turn(s). When afflicted with Burn, enemies take Fire DoT equal to 30% of Himeko’s ATK at the start of each turn.

ATK +4% (requires Ascension 2)
Fire DMG +3.2% (requires Ascension 3)
Effect RES +4% (requires Ascension 3)

Fire DMG +3.2% (requires Level 1)

Fire DMG +6.4% (requires Level 80)

Himeko Eidolon


After “Victory Rush” is triggered, Himeko’s SPD increases by 20% for 2 turn(s).


Deals 15% more DMG to enemies whose HP percentage is 50% or less.


Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.


When Himeko’s Skill inflicts Weakness Break on an enemy, she gains 1 extra point(s) of Charge.


Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.


Ultimate deals DMG 2 extra times, each of which deals Fire DMG equal to 40% of the original DMG to a random enemy.

Official March 7th Introduction

“An adventurous scientist who encountered the Astral Express as a child when it got stranded in her home world.

At that time, some existence in the Express revealed to this young girl a whole world outside of her own — the universe.

Years later, Himeko finally repaired the train and began her journey to the stars, but she realized that this was only the beginning. On the Trailblaze path, she would need many more companions…

Even though such companions may have different destinations in mind, they all gaze at the same starry sky.”

That’s everything we know about Himeko in Honkai: Star Rail. Honkai: Star Rail releases on April 26th, 2023, and is available on PC (via the official site or the Epic Games Store), iOS, and Android. Check out our gaming news articles for the latest in gaming news.

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