Goldberg accepts his first challenger post-WWE, but there’s a catch

Ever since Goldberg announced that WWE did him dirty and refused to give him the retirement match Vince McMahon promised him before his contract expired, fans have been speculating like crazy over who would wrestle the WCW legend next. Announcing an unofficial retirement tour that could feature as many as four retirement matches on an episode of Busted Open Radio, Goldberg himself declared that he’s open for business, and as a result, seemingly every wrestler who isn’t contracted to WWE, and even a few who are, have been linked to a match with the ex-WCW Champ.

But now, all of the speculation has turned real, as Goldberg has not only officially been challenged to a match with another WWE star, but according to the man in question, AEW’s Wardlow, the challenge has been accepted; they just need a promoter to make it official, as he noted to Simon Miller of What Culture.

“Goldberg did walk through just a minute ago, and we exchanged words,” Wardlow declared via F4W. “I don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes, but we both mutually agreed that if the opportunity comes, we would love to see who really is next.”

Turning his attention to which dream matches he would like to wrestle at some point down the line, Wardlow noted a few but reiterated that, for him, Goldberg remains number one.

“Batista, Lesnar, Goldberg, I put those three in the same category of dream monster matches,” Wardlow said. “I mean, we just heard Ward-low [chants], we haven’t heard that since Goldberg, so I think Wardlow vs. Goldberg, man, it doesn’t get bigger than that. It does not get bigger than Wardlow vs. Goldberg.

“If it comes down to Wardlow is the man to retire Goldberg, I can die peacefully.”

Welp, there you have it, Wardlow wants Goldberg, and the feeling is mutual; all that’s left to do is make it official, Tony Khan.

William Regal attempts to set to record straight on leaving AEW for WWE.

Speaking of wrestlers who jumped from one promotion to another, William Regal attempted to explain his decision to jump from AEW to WWE on Twitter, but based on the fact that he has already deleted the thread since, it’s worth wondering if it was successful.

“Just so anyone who wants to know the truth. I know Tony summed up a few conversations we had with quick answer,” Regal noted via Fightful. “FYI, Tony called me at 9 pm on a Sunday night and I discussed my reasons for leaving were time spent where I won’t to be. Then and I only then did he tell me where he was and what problems he was having. I told him to get off the phone and take care off his family and he shouldn’t be talking to me know. I also realise he has summed up conversations with brief answers.

“We eventually talked about me leaving 2 weeks later in Jacksonville. Time and time spent was the reasons for my leaving, no agenda for anything else. I have lived through some serious times in 2018/19 and realize time is all I have. I had a great time in AEW and are thankful for the time I spent there with many of my close friends and the amazing crew. I just want to make that public so people stop misinterpreting it. It’s sad that people in our job can’t realize that you can be a decent human being without having an agenda or taking advantage. This is the last time I will mention this. Again, I would like to thank AEW for there gracious acceptance of me and for Tony to take me onboard.

“And just so you know, there’s a few spelling mistakes in my last tweets, but I spent too much time at school daydreaming of being a Pro Wrestler. Aew we’re very kind to me, and I enjoyed my time there. I made the most of my time there and NEVER double-crossed anyone.”

To some, Regal’s decision to leave AEW for WWE, especially while Khan was dealing with an ailing mother, is unforgivable; Regal declared that he wanted to work with his son, Charlie Dempsey, as he develops into a pro as a member of NXT and yet, his new role is instead on the road with WWE proper, where he serves as the company’s “Vice President of Global Talent Development.” While only time will tell if Regal ever returns to his former role in NXT or if he’s able to turn Dempsey into a legitimate WWE star, for now, his decision will remain incredibly polarizing.

I’m going to answer this as an unusual thing I do but you’re the first weak brain to reply.I don’t need to be in the wrestling, I choose to be.Where I can make the most difference and be with long time colleagues and loyalty means a huge amount to me.If you can’t grasp that then!

— William Regal (@RealKingRegal) April 22, 2023

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