WWE Hall of Famer gives his endorsement to AEW’s Britt Baker

If there’s one thing Britt Baker knows a ton about, it’s getting people’s attention. She’s willing to speak her mind in interviews, even if it doesn’t always rub folks the right way, is a confident in-ring performer, even if her matches can be polarizing, and has basically forced herself into the “main character” role on AEW: All Access, even if her comments have done just as much work towards making her into a villain. So naturally, it would only make sense that Baker would be friends with one of the most wanted performers in all of professional wrestling history, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, right?

… yeah, that isn’t the most logical pairing, but it’s true; Foley and Baker have been buddies for years now and have since gone on to become even closer ever since. With the Huntsville Comic & Pop Culture Expo fast approaching, Foley noted that he hopes to spend time with the Doctor at the show, and even suggested a piece of merch for his pal.

“It’s always fun. I think the fans like to know that, behind the scenes, almost all of us get along, and that there’s a nice little friendship there with me and Doctor Britt] Baker,” Foley said via Fightful. “So whatever you see on social media is just teasing a little bit.

“I even gave [Baker], I said, you know, Britt, you ought to see if they could do a…,’ somebody was wearing a Cactus Jack ‘Wanted’ shirt, I said those are Pittsburgh Steeler colors. I said, ‘You ought to see if they could modify that and make it a shirt for you.’ She goes, ‘Would you mind?’ I said, ‘No, I’ve been making money off that and been happy to see people wearing it for literally 28 years now.’ So when The Briscoes had their ‘Wanted’ shirt, that’s cool by me, I’m doing fine. I’d much rather The Briscoes have their own ‘Wanted’ shirt than to have a bootleg ‘Wanted’ shirt out there. But I see it as a tribute, I see it as a good thing. Nobody copies or borrows from something that’s not good. So I’m all for Doctor Baker rocking a Cactus-esque t-shirt. Make it happen, TK. You know you can make it happen.”

You know, though it may not seem like it on the surface, there really is a lot in common between Baker and Foley, which makes their friendship a natural fit; both like wearing flannel shirts, though Baker is more black and yellow than red and black, both have a pension for getting bloody in the ring, and both are polarizing figures among fans, even if Foley’s acclaim has grown darn-near universal since his in-ring days came to an end. If Baker wants to lean into the Extreme and embrace the sort of crazy spots, bloody bouts, and hardcore havoc that made Foley a WWE legend regardless of whether he called himself Cactus Jack, Mankind, or even Dude Love, who was the least hardcore but fun-lovingest member of the bunch, she could establish a fantastic legacy of her own, too.

Arn Anderson notes that Mick Foley isn’t in the best way after his WWE career.

Discussing the many faces of Foley on his namesake podcast Arn, everyone’s favorite gun-wielding manager, “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson, shared just how hurt the WWE Hall of Famer feels following multiple decades of the hardest core wrestling one could do at the time.

“Well you say ‘How is he not hurt and injured?’ He is,” Anderson said via Wrestling Inc. “You don’t see it, he doesn’t let you see it… I don’t think he would be offended if I let the cat out of the bag. He is crippled up. He just enjoys so much still being around the business.”

“He has pretty much volunteered his well-being and health for the entertainment of wrestling fans. And you gotta appreciate that, you gotta respect it, and you gotta just say God bless you, Mick. Thank you.”

Now, to be fair, Foley has been rather open about his own physical limitations as of late, too, noting that his incredible career has caught up to him and left him with plenty of issues.

“[The doctor] said, ‘We’ve been looking over your MRIs and your X-rays,” Foley noted on his podcast via Wrestle Talk. “You’ve got too many issues. You got muscular, neurological, skeletal, and even if we are able to help from a neurological standpoint, there’s nothing we can do with those other things.’

“I’m looking at all these things I did during the course of my career, and I mean, I’m paying a steeper price than I thought imaginable.”

After an extensive career in the ring, taking stops like his infamous Hell in a Cell bomb off the top of the cage, it makes sense that Foley’s body wouldn’t be in the best shape at this stage of the game. Still, it’s unfortunate to hear that he’s struggling so much. Good luck, Mrs. Foley’s baby boy.

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