Mercedes Moné wants to make ‘new history’ after leaving WWE

When Sasha Banks decided to leave WWE behind in favor of testing her mettle as a member of the NJPW roster under the Mercedes Moné moniker, it was a polarizing decision among wrestling fans. Why would a performer like Moné, a Four Horsewoman of the “Women’s Revolution,” leave the franchise that made her into a certified star and go from the pinnacle of sports entertainment to wrestling in bingo halls for a hot dog and a handshake?

Well, in the opinion of Moné, at least, the decision was simple: after making history in WWE, Moné wanted to make some more in Japan, as she detailed to Justin Barasso of Sports Illustrated.

“The ultimate goal for a lot of professional wrestlers is to make it to WWE,” says Mercedes Moné. “That’s what I thought was the big time. But I did that. I wanted to make new history, and the place to do it is here in Japan. Japan has the highest standards for women’s wrestling, and I want to set the standard in New Japan.”

“This isn’t just for me. This is for the future. It’s for every girl that has a dream. I’m showing the world you can achieve feats that no one else has done before. I want to set the same example. There are so many places where you can wrestle and make your voice heard.”

So, with Moné fully embracing the opportunity to lead a new women’s revolution in NJPW and enjoying her time in Japan, what does that mean for her future? With her contract set to expire soon, according to Dave Meltzer, fans have been speculating that the IWGP Women’s Champion could return to an American wrestling promotion, either AEW or WWE. In the opinion of Moné, all of the rumors are just that.

“The rumors are so far from the truth,” Moné added. “If it’s not coming from me or my voice, then how does anyone else know my business? None of it is true unless it is coming from me. It’s just a reminder that I’m a conversation starter.

“This is my new home. I’m embracing the way of life. I’m riding the train, I’m eating the food. I’m not here for a quick second. I have a kitchen in my apartment, but when I go out, I’m eating yakiniku. It’s this amazing barbecue. I’ve been enjoying everything. The pancakes are amazing, too. This has become my second home. And I’m committed to staying here to make history.”

Will Moné sign with another wrestling promotion at some point down the line, maybe in time for AEW’s All In II? Only time will tell, but for now, it’s clear the former “Boss” is enjoying her time in Japan, even if her former tag team partner curiously hasn’t made her way over to NJPW/Stardom to join her.

Dave Meltzer explains why Trinity Fatu hasn’t joined Mercedes Moné in NJPW.

Speaking of Moné’s former tag team partner, Trinity Fatu – aka WWE’s Naomi – why hasn’t she joined “The CEO” in New Japan and/or Stardom? She’s also a free agent and is similarly free to get in the ring wherever she’d like on whatever deal she can muster.

Well, according to the reporting of Dave Meltzer, that last part has proven to be the problem, as NJPW simply isn’t in the financial position of strength to spend big on two high-priced stars to compete for their newly christened IWGP Women’s Championship belt.

“The hard part about a longer commitment (to Moné) is that Bushiroad’s wrestling division, even though Stardom has grown greatly, has overall taken a major financial hit because of New Japan’s declines related to the pandemic, even with New Japan World up,” Meltzer said via F4W. “Because of that, the wrestling division is under pressure to keep spending down. An example is that they were told they could bring in Trinity Fatu, but it was felt it would cost too much for the return and thus far hadn’t made that deal.”

Could Fatu’s fate change in the not-too-distant future? Is there a world where she enters NJPW as a challenger for Moné’s crown, not a friend, and the duo mortgage their shared star power to further prove they can draw numbers outside of WWE? Only time will tell, but unless WWE wants to come correct and add a female member to The Bloodline, a reunion with Moné in NJPW, Ring of Honor, or AEW as a friend or foe might just be the best path back to regular wrestling program for Fatu.

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