5 Actors Marvel must consider to replace Jonathan Majors as Kang after abuse allegations

Word just got out recently that Jonathan Majors is in deep trouble as more abuse allegations have surfaced. While Marvel could stick it out with the Creed III actor to be their Kang moving forward, there’s always the possibility that the studio could drop him. In doing so, they would deflect the heat that comes along with Majors so the upcoming Avengers: Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars films won’t be affected. In the event Marvel decides to recast the villain, here are the actors to be considered.

5 actors Marvel must consider to replace Jonathan Majors as Kang after abuse allegations

5. Giancarlo Esposito

Just recently, The Mandalorian concluded its third season in a satisfying manner, even though a host of questions were left unanswered. Along with the finale, Star Wars fans saw Giancarlo Esposito back as Moff Gideon in all of his imposing glory. Apart from the impressive roles he had in Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and The Boys, Esposito’s performance in The Mandalorian just proves he can still get the job done, even at his age.

Giancarlo Esposito as Kang the Conqueror. Yes? I think so pic.twitter.com/HZOMfcRr9V

— Ashley Benoist (@AshleyBenoist01) March 26, 2023

As it stands, Esposito is now 64 years old, a detail that could be a detriment for Marvel if he is going to play Kang. If the studio bites the bullet and makes this wild casting choice, fans can expect Esposito to bring a cold and calculated take on Kang. Plus, there’d be no shortage of tension and conflict whenever he’s on the screen, which will be handy to increase the stakes of the coming films.

4. John Boyega

Along with the fact that Disney screwed up the Sequel Trilogy big time, it also left John Boyega’s career in purgatory after the films didn’t do Finn justice. Marvel can correct this crime by getting him to replace Jonathan Majors as the MCU’s Kang moving forward.

John Boyega can be the new Kang pic.twitter.com/iWDHKSMfsw

— Viktor’s RenaiSéance (@wondermann5) April 20, 2023

As can be seen in Attack The Block, Detroit, Pacific Rim: Uprising, and the Star Wars films, there’s no shortage of talent when it comes to Boyega. He’s also young enough to do a string of films for Marvel and the physicality to accomplish the required action scenes. Add his name to the list, and people will immediately recognize him, giving more credibility to Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. Plus, he’s a safe choice and a favorite among fans, giving Marvel more peace of mind in the process.

3. John David Washington

Those who have seen Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, people will agree that John David Washington has that certain look to play Kang if Marvel potentially drops Jonathan Majors from the role. From this unnamed role in that movie, one can see the quiet intensity and ruthlessness emanating from Washington’s face.

John David Washington would make a great #Kang.

Just sayin’. pic.twitter.com/XlK4Rgq5rh

— MT (@MasterTainment) April 16, 2023

Of course, that role had its own set of limitations. But if Washington ever plays Kang, just imagine all of the rules being thrown out the window. Apart from the fact that the MCU Kang himself is intensity personified, countless variants of him appear in the coming years. This will allow Washington to cut loose and go wild with all the versions of Kang running around the Marvel Multiverse. With his talent and the look that he has, it’ll be a sight to see the Tenet actor unleashed on the Marvel Cinematic Universe for everyone to see

2. Denzel Washington

If age wasn’t an issue, there’d be no one to stop Denzel Washington from taking Kang and making it into his own. While the actor is known for playing impressive roles in The Bone Collector, Remember The Titans, Glory, and Philadelphia, it’s his performances in Training Day, The Equalizer, American Gangster, and Malcolm X that show what he can do as the MCU’s Conqueror.

If they do recast Kang .. Denzel Washington would be good shout #avengerskangdynasty #Kang pic.twitter.com/vsV4FjkExw

— JJ (@soapw1) April 19, 2023

While having Washington play Kang is near to impossible because it would be a multi-year commitment, Marvel can still get him to play a variant to appease the fans. The studio could even go further by casting his son, John David, and have him play an older version of Kang in the upcoming Avengers films. If this happens, the internet will surely break.

1. Damson Idris

With the fate of Jonathan Majors as the MCU Kang up in the balance, the list of names being floated around is getting longer by the day. But one name stands tall above it all, thanks to his recent performance in Snowfall. This time, it’s Damson Idris.

ACCORDING to an insider Jeff Snieder, Marvel Studios is reportedly going to have ‘Damson Idris-Type’ actor to replace Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror, following the recent allegations. pic.twitter.com/qP8IMLf3Zw

— Avengers Assemble (@assemble_heroes) April 18, 2023

While Disney hasn’t confirmed nor denied that Idris is in the mix to play Kang, rumors have been circulating that the actor is just the type they’re looking for to replace Majors. While this is still far from any strong movement in Idris’ favor, the fact that Marvel is using him as a template in searching for a potential Kang is already a big feat in itself. Better keep an eye out for Idris’ star just in case the studio drops Majors. Of course, fans would always want the best for the MCU, but if things go downhill, Idris and the other names on this list can keep the ship afloat.

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