Valorant Patch 6.06 Notes: Gekko Nerfs and More

Valorant will have its Patch 6.06 on the way to bring some minimal nerfs to Gekko, fixes on Lotus map and a lot of bug fixes. There are a lot to unpack as this is the next patch to fix a lot of bugs as well as focus on Gekko so here’s what you need to know about the upcoming patch of 6.06 update.

With the release of the newest agent Gekko, a lot of people are playing him with his special mechanic of having cute partners to help him defend or attack any site. With his popularity rising with a lot of players playing him, they are bound to find a lot of overpowered skills or things still need to balance. This patch will balance out some of Gekko’s skills to make him less powerful to reduce his priority of being chosen as a character.

In line with Gekko’s nerf, there are also a lot of bugs to be fixed within the process and further improve the quality of life of the game. There is also a change on some mechanics of doors in Lotus.

Gekko Changes

There is a new leader in Initiators in town and he’s from United States. Gekko has overtaken every single Initiator because of his current kit being very fascinating to people having small friends to help him. Gekko is finally hit with some nerf hammers but would not make him unplayable in the process. Gekko’s Mosh Pit will have his damage reduced to objects from 2.5x to 1x damage, similar to other mollys. This is important to note since this will affect its interaction with KillJoy’s lockdown, not being able to kill it with Mosh Pit. Wingman will also die if he’s the last one alive, which is also important to note since before the patch, the little guy can still defuse the bomb while there are no more players on his side.
Here is the full patch notes of the next upcoming Valorant update 6.06.

Valorant Patch 6.06 Notes



Mosh Pit (C)

Mosh Pit’s damage to objects has been performing inconsistently with relative abilities such as KAY/O’s FRAG/ment (C) and Breach’s Aftershock (C).

Damage to objects has reduced 2.5x >>> 1x

Wingman (Q)

Wingman will now always die if he is last alive.



Updated the destruction VFX for the destructible door located between A Link to A Main in order to make it easier to see through as it falls away.


Added the ability to hide Agent outlines and fresnel (the color outline on Agents)
Go to Settings >> General >> Under “Other”, there is an option to toggle “Hide Outlines and Fresnel”.



Wingman can no longer concuss intangible players.


Fixed a bug preventing you from sending a whisper starting with a Circumflex Accent ^. You can now whisper cute emoticon faces to each other using ^w^.
Fixed a bug causing ping icons to be displayed even when someone was muted. Muting someone will now properly suppress ping icons.
Fixed a bug where the voice chat UI was obscured when your Agent was blinded. You can now see, even when your Agent can’t.
Fixed a bug where the join party button would still be active even though the party invite was no longer valid.
Fixed a bug where when searching your friends list, the number of people a friend is in a party with would not display correctly.
Fixed a bug where scrolling the social panel would sometimes scroll other UI elements like the Agent carousel.
Fixed a bug where the friends list was obscured when auto-reject friend requests was enabled.

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