Roman Reigns and 5 WWE superstar cards to splurge on before Wrestlemania 39

Wrestlemania 39 is coming in a few days and wrestling fans all over the world are waiting in anticipation for the biggest event of the year. With awesome matches in store, such as Roman Reigns taking on Cody Rhodes for the WWE Undisputed Championship and the Usos defending their Tag Team titles against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, there’s bound to be a lot of hype as the days go by. But along with those stars, there are other personalities in the sports card market worth looking into. Here are the WWE superstar cards worth splurging on just in time for Wrestlemania.

Roman Reigns and 5 WWE superstar cards to splurge on before Wrestlemania 39

6. Rhea Ripley

Without a doubt, there’ll be a lot of hype when Asuka goes up against Bianca Belair for her Raw Women’s Championship title on Wrestlemania 39. The thing is, more people will be drawn more to the Smackdown Women’s Championship bout when Rhea Ripley faces Charlotte Flair. At this point in time, Ripley is white hot amongst fans, thanks to her incredible work with the Judgement Day and winning the most recent Women’s Royal Rumble. Add the fact that her time with Dominic Mysterio has elevated them both in recent months.

Ripley, in particular, is shaping up to be a good stock to invest in. Those interested will do well to hunt for her 2020 Topps Chrome rookie card, specifically those low-numbered parallels. If she manages to win big at Wrestlemania 39, Ripley can go on the same ride Chyna went on years before and even exceed what the late star accomplished in her career. This potential scenario will certainly bode well for her rookie cards in the market.

5. Sami Zayn

If you told someone one year ago that Sami Zayn is going to go over so much, get pop after pop, and become a massive fan favorite, no one would have believed you. But as the recent months have shown, Zayn has caught the WWE by storm, thanks to his part in the Bloodline story with Roman Reigns and his ongoing feud with the Usos, along with Kevin Owens. With the two coming into Wrestlemania 39 as the favorites, Zayn and Owens will definitely cook up something special for the biggest night they’ve had in recent years.

Thanks to his popularity now, Zayn’s stock in the market has gotten a lot of interest from wrestling card collectors. This WWE superstar’s 2014 Topps Chrome NXT rookie card is his most accessible and can be easily found in the market. Expect a bump Zayn’s value after Wrestlemania 39, especially if he nabs the Undisputed Tag Team titles with Owens from the Usos.

4. Edge

Given that he’s turning 50 this year, it’s really saddening to think that Edge’s time in the ring is about to come to an end. What’s sadder, though, is to think that Wrestlemania 39 is the last we’ll see of this WWE superstar in the grandest stage of them all when he goes up against Finn Balor. And boy, what a potential ending it can be as the Rated-R Superstar is expected to come out in his Brood version to take on Balor’s Demon inside Hell in a Cell. With those details, fans will surely have a banger on their hands when these two meet.

Since this can be the final Wrestlemania for Edge, there’s a pretty good chance he can go out with a bang. In this case, there’s a good reason to go for his 1999 Cardinal WWF rookie card, especially if it’s encased within a slab. The card’s old-school design, coupled with Edge’s reputation as one of the WWE’s best stars to ever grace the ring, will make it a good piece of memorabilia to invest in for collectors everywhere.

3. Austin Theory

A lot of WWE fans were bummed out when Austin Theory cashed his Money In The Bank contract against Seth Rollins for the United States Championship a few months ago. Many thought that this is the end of the young star’s run with Triple H running the show. While that may seem true then, it doesn’t look the same now as Theory is going to the grandest stage of them all to defend the United States title against John Cena himself.

Although a win for Cena certainly has its own set of upsides, the fact that Theory is facing him at Wrestlemania is a sign that he’s being prepped up to take a bigger role in the coming years. Even if he loses to Cena, nobody can deny that Austin Theory has every chance to go hot soon. That’s why his 2020 Topps Finest rookie card is a must for those who believe that this WWE superstar can shoulder the company, especially after the likes of Roman Reigns step down from the top.

2. Roman Reigns

No one can deny the body of work Roman Reigns has accomplished during the last few years. Coming back as a heel during the Thunderdome Era, the Tribal Chief has definitely elevated himself to carry the WWE as its champion. And while there can only be one winner between him and Cody Rhodes, Reigns’ cards in the market will still hold their value in the coming years.

When everything is all said and done, Reigns is going to be a heavy favorite to enter the WWE Hall of Fame. As such, there’s no better time than now to get a few of his cards, especially his rookie or low-numbered offerings. As compared to popular NBA cards and how they’ve garnered millions of dollars in the market, Reigns’ rookie card encased in a PSA 10 slab is just worth under $500. This makes his stock a very tempting option to splurge on for collectors.

1. Cody Rhodes

Perhaps the biggest star to look out for when Wrestlemania 39 comes out is no other than the American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes. His return about a year ago, the subsequent feud with Seth Rollins, his injury, and return to the main event scene has been quite the journey. In a few days, Rhodes has the chance to finish his story and make the biggest win of his career when he goes up against Reigns for the Undisputed Championship title.

But before that happens, collectors must keep an eye out for Rhodes’ 2007 WWE Topps Heritage III Chrome rookie card. Raw copies of the card are not that pricey and if one can translate it into a PSA 10 slab, it’s going to be a big win down the road. In any case, Rhodes and the other WWE stars above must be on everyone’s radar as Wrestlemania 39 is about to come out soon.

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