MTG Introduces New Battle Mechanic

Magic: The Gathering is notorious for its boatload of mechanics and MTG is introducing a new mechanic called Battle. Here’s more information on the new Battle Mechanic and how it will affect in the game.

The upcoming Magic: The Gathering set, March of the Machine can be compared to the Avengers End Game to showcase the battle for dominance of each party. With Phyrexia invading a lot of different planes from around the world, everybody needs to stand their ground in order to protect their own planes.

In relation to this, MTG will introduce a new card format known as Battle Cards.

It was hinted in Atraxa Grand Unifier’s ability pertaining to different types of cards including the text Battle where a lot of people were baffled on what that type of card is since there’s no Battle cards yet before the reveal of March of the Machine expansion.

Atraxa Grand Unifier

Flying, vigilance, deathtouch, lifelink
When Atraxa enters the battlefield, reveal the top 10 cards of your library. For each card type, you may put one card of that type into your hand. Put the rest at the bottom of your library in any order. [the card types are Artifacts, Battle, Creature, Enchantment, Instant, Land, Planeswalker, Sorcery.]

The mechanic was then previously teased in the current expansion of MTG, Phyerixa: All Will Be One, where the lead designer of MTG, Mark Rosewater, that the Battle mechanic will be featured in MOM.

In the Battle cards, there is a slight differentiation from the normal look of cards where Wizards of the Coast included entirely new keywords and type lines on the cards to distinguish them as a legitimate piece of the game.

The Battle Cards are on point and on flavor of the coming lore of the next expansion.

MTG Battle Card

There is a preview on how the card would look like and what it does. Invasion of Zendicar is the Battle side of the card and if anyone hit it’s life, almost similar to the Planeswalkers, if it reaches zero, the card will be able to flip. Imvasion of Zendicar’s converted mana cost is 3 and a green and is casted on an opponent. Anyone can hit the card and if they do, you will be able to cast it with its new transformed form on your battlefield. In this case, Invazion of Zendicar will become Awakened Skyclave that is a 4/4 with vigilance and haste. It can also tap for any color of mana as well as become a hard hitting and defending creature you can have on your battlefield.

Imagine Invasion of Zendikar coming in as an uncommon card and has this amazing effect so what will be the mechanics of Rare or Mythic Rare Battle cards in store for us, if there are any. There may be different types of Battle Cards, with Siege incoming as one of them. 

There are more cards to be revealed in the March of the Machines as the expansion is nearing its release. There are also more other information about the expansion on the new cards, lore, and mechanics to expect on March of the Machines. MTG’s next expansion, March of the Machine, will launch on April 18 so make sure to be ready for the awesome next releas. 

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