Succession season 4 episode 1 ending explained

Even though The Last Of Us concluded its first season recently, HBO Max subscribers will still have a reason to catch the streaming service as Succession’s fourth season is out right now. As one of the service’s best offerings in recent years, the build-up to the final season has been intense and very captivating. We take a look at this Succession season 4 episode 1 ending explained to see how the first installment went down.

Succession season 4 episode 1 ending explained

This Succession season 4 episode 1 recap starts with Logan Roy attending a party for his birthday. As this is happening, Kendall arrives at Roman’s residence while the latter is presiding over an online meeting. After a few moments, Shiv arrives and her brothers inquire whether she has been speaking to the Jimenez transition team or not. She admits that there have been initial talks about what happens if Logan sells Waystar Royco and reiterates her commitment to their shared cause.

Over at his own party, Logan spots Greg come in with Bridget, a random girl he brings along as a date to the said event. Kerry pulls Greg aside, questions him about Bridget, and admonishes him for taking someone unknown to the party during a hotly-contested election season and an upcoming sale of the company.

While the siblings are practicing their pitch for The Hundred, Shiv slivers away for a moment to take a call from Tom, who then informs her that he had a drink with Naomi Pierce the previous night. The two argue over the phone about Tom seemingly dating Kendall’s ex-girlfriend. Also, Tom inadvertently lets Shiv know that someone is planning to buy Pierece Global Media. This leads to Kendall, Roman, and Shiv talking about Logan possibly being the person behind the purchase of PGM. They then discuss whether to buy the media company themselves and run the risk of losing momentum for The Hundred.

Back at the party, Connor speaks to Willa, Greg, and Bridget about his chances of winning the presidency. He wonders whether an additional $100 million should be spent in order for the oldest son of Logan Roy to remain relevant in the upcoming election. While this is happening Tom speaks to Logan about the possibility of purchasing PGM and what happens to him if he were to divorce Shiv. Logan gives a half-hearted assurance, one that Tom is very grateful for, and leaves to find food.

Tom, meanwhile, speaks to Greg about his date and how pretentious she looks in front of everyone. They then encounter Bridget who asks Greg for them to go home after she asked Logan for a selfie. For his part, Logan leaves the party to get away from the people there. Before doing so, he has dinner with Collin, his close-in security, and the pair talk about markets and what happens after death.

As the three Roy siblings discuss about PGM, they discover that Nan has been talking to the relevant people about bidding the company out, specifically to Shiv. She confirms that Logan is the primary party interested in buying PGM. Kendall and Shiv convince Roman that buying Pierce is the best move for their future while getting to stick it to Logan and Tom at the same time. But just as the three fly out to meet Nan, Roman gets a call from Kerry about greeting their father on his birthday. The siblings take a pass but before doing so, inadvertently inform Kerry that they are on their way to talk to Nan personally.

While the three Roy siblings are on a jet, Connor proposes wild wedding ideas to Willa that will make the news talk about him. He admits that having spent a lot of money, he’s now scared of falling below 1% in the surveys. In another room, Greg mentions that he and Bridget made love in one of Logan’s rooms. Tom then lies that Logan has cameras hidden in the room and he just made his own sex tape in the process. He advises Greg to come clean to Logan with the Waystar Royco founder walking back into the party.

Over at Nan’s residence, Naomi greets the Roy siblings and speaks to Kendall for a moment. She informs him that Nan is not feeling well and is asking them to see how her headache develops. As this is happening, Logan convenes his team to discuss the sale of PGM. They discover that the Roy kids are the rival bidders, leading Logan to get mad at this development. He then takes Greg to a corner to find out what he has to say. After a few moments, Greg tells Tom about their conversation and Logan implies that he’s impressed even with him calling the young man disgusting and despicable. Even so, Logan orders Collin to make Bridget leave after posting her encounter on social media.

After waiting, the Roy kids finally meet Nan and find out that she already has a preferred bidder. Not easily giving up, Kendall, Roman, and Shiv convince Nan not to sell PGM to their father with the promise to maintain the company as it is. They ask the siblings to momentarily leave as Nan’s people speak to Logan’s team. With their prices both in hand, Nan and her family talk out it between themselves. While this is happening, Tom calls Shiv and tries to negotiate with them to back out of the bidding battle for PGM. Shiv lies and tells Tom that their ceiling is $12 million with the siblings agreeing to $10 million to buy PGM.

The siblings then return to Nan and make an offer of $10 billion to purchase PGM. Logan and his team find out after Nan’s people refused to hear other offers after accepting a conversation-ending bid. They deduce that it was Logan’s kids that made the bid. Logan speaks to the three by phone and congratulates them for saying the bigger number. They celebrate after by doing what they originally planned for – hurting their father.

After her meeting with Nan, Shiv returns home and finds Tom in it. They talk about their complicated marriage and decide to go ahead with the divorce. Meanwhile, Logan calls an employee of his and admonishes her for the subpar quality of the news at night he just watched.

What just happened? A Succession season 4 episode 1 recap

The first episode of Succession season 4 revolved mostly around the sale of PGM and how the Roy siblings managed to get the company. In the process, Logan’s birthday celebration is marred with disappointment and anger as his kids ended up taking control of his main competitor. As this is happening, Tom gets the assurance he needs from Logan that he will be taken care of in the event of a divorce happening to him and Shiv.

With the said divorce being agreed on by both Tom and Shiv, there will be some fallout in the coming episodes. Stay tuned to HBO Max and ClutchPoints Entertainment for what happens next in this Emmy award-winning series.

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