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  1) I IDOLIZE YOU (Ike and Tina Turner) (Spector-Turner)

2) BLACK PEARL (Sonny Charles and the Checkmates) (Spector)

3) DREAM FOR SALE (Gene Pitney) (Spector-Phillips)

4) SOME OF YOUR LOVING (Johnny Nash) (Spector-Phillips)

5) WORLD OF TEARS (Johnny Nash) (Spector-Phillips)

6) WHEN YOU DANCE (Billy Storm) (Jones-Kirkland)

7) SPANISH - HARLEM (Santo and Johnny) (Leiber-Stoller)

8) MR ROBIN (The Spectors three) (Spector)

9) SOME OF YOUR LOVIN' (Emil O'Connor) (Spector-Phillips)

10) I LOVE YOU BETTY (Terry Day) (Spector)

11) THAT'S ALRIGHT BABY (Gary Crosby) (Smith)

12) YES I LOVE YOU (The Paris Sisters) (Spector)

13) THAT'S WHAT GIRLS ARE FOR (Timothy Hay and The Wanderobo) (Smith)

14) WHERE CAN YOU BE ? (Tony and Joe) (Spector)

15) RAINCOAT IN A RIVER (Sammy Turner) (Kaye-Schroeder)

16) TO KNOW HIM IS TO LOVE HIM (Lesley Gore) (Spector)

17) BE MY GIRL (Ray Peterson) (Spector-Sands)

18) UNCHAINED MELODY (The Blackwells) (Zaret-North)

19) OH! WHY (The Teddy Bears) (Spector)

20) HOME OF THE BRAVE (Bonnie and The Treasures) (Weill-Mann)

21) WHY CAN'T A BOY AND GIRL JUST STAY IN LOVE (April Stevens) (Spector-Tempo)

22) WHY DON'T THEY LET US FALL IN LOVE (Veronica) (Spector-Barry)

23) THE SCREW (LET'S DANCE) (The Crystals) (Spector)

24) BUMBERSHOOT (Phil Harvey) (Spector)

25) (I'M A)WOMAN IN LOVE (The Ronettes) (Spector-Mann-Weill)

26) HE'S A QUIET GUY (Darlene Love) (Spector-Auders)

27) HERE IT COMES (HERE I GO) (Jerri Bo Keno) (Spector-Barry)

28) PUDDIN'N TAIM (The Alleycats)(Willis)

29) DREAM FOR SALE (Joey Paige) (Spector-Phillips)

30) I'M SO HAPPY (TRA - LA - LA) (The Ducanes) (Spector)

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