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1)THE ANGELS (Why don't the boy leave me alone?(Spencer)

2)ANN MARGRET (I was only kidding)(Gpofflin-King)

3)ANNETTE (Dreaming about you)(Goff in-King)

4)ANITA BRYANT (It's botter to cry today)(Snvder-Levitte Catalano)

5)JO-ANN CAMPBELL (Amateur night)(cainobell)

6)VICKI CARR (Forget you)(RasŤal-Sherman)

7)MOLLY BEE (She's new tu you)(Silver-Owen)

8)PETULA CLARK (Groovin')(Cavaliere-Brigati)

9)JACKIE DE SHANNON (Just like in the movies)(De Shannon)

10)GLENDA COLLINS (Baby it hurts)(page)

11)MAUREEN EVANS (Never in a million years)(Gordon-Revel)

12)TRACEY DEY (Hanging on to m baby)(Rambeau-Rehak)

13)SHELLEY FABARES (Welcome home)(Springer-Kaye)

14)CONNIE FRANCIS (My best friend Barbara)(Hunter-Sedaka)

15)GEORGIA GIBBS (Nine girls out of ten girls)(Shavne)

16)LESLEY GORE (Live and learn)(White-Madeira)

17)EYDIE GORME (The dance is over)(Goffin-King-Weiss)

18)JULIE GRANT (When the lovin' ends)(Shaper-Grant-isaaks)

19)WANDA JACKSON Whirlpool)(Wilkin-Burch)

20)CAROLE KING (Make the night a little longer)(Goffin-King)

21)KATHY KIRBY (in all the world)(Newell-Ridley)

22)BRENDA LEE (Xmas will be just another lonely day)(Jackson-Seymour)

23)LULU (What's easy for two, is so hard for one)(Robinson)

24)THE MC GUIRE SISTERS (Trouble mind)(Barkan-Raleigh)

25)PEGGY MARCH (Only you could do that to my heart)(Powers-Kellef)

26)DIANE RENAY (Soft spoken guy)(Crewe-Rambeau-Rehak)

27)LINDA SCOTT (You baby)(Mann-Weil-Spector)

28)HELEN SHAPIRO (Young stranger)(Singleton-Ott)

29)DODIE STEVENS (Dancing on the ceiling)(Rogers-Hart)

30)JOANNIE SOMMERS (Don't pity me)(Stuart-Oliver)

31)ROBIN WARD (Teach me tonight)(Botkin)

32)TIMI YURO (Ain't gonna cry no more)(Byers)

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