Category : Soul Male Artists

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1) PLEASE DON'T SAY NO MORE (Davis-Elgin-Rogers)*

2) I JUST CAN'T HELP IT (Mayfield)*

3) GONNA GET MARRIED (Mayfield)*


5) IT'S ALL RIGHT (Mayfield)*

6) MAMA DIDN'T KNOW (Mayfield)*

7) I'M THE ONE (Mayfield)*

8) GIPSY WOMAN (Mayfield)*

9) GOTTA RIGHT TO CRY (Mayfield)*

10) LITTLE YOUNG LOVER (Mayfield)*

11) THAT'S WHAT MAMA SAY (Mayfield)*

12) CRYING IN THE RAIN (Lance-Cobb-Jones)*

13) JUST ONE LOOK (Caroll-Payne)

14) DELILAH (Mayfield)

15) TOO HOT TO HOLD (Sims)

16) AIN'T NO SOUL (Levine-Resnick)

17) FOREVER (Lance-Record)

18) YOU DONT WANT ME NO MORE (Butter-Davis)

19) Bonus truck: PHYLLIS (Mayfield)*

Return List