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1) FREE AT LAST (Fontella Bass) (Sain)

2) WALK ON THE WILD SIDE (Marilyn Brown) (Van- Huesen-Cahn)

3) ALL THE OTHER GIRLS (Donna Douglas) (Westlake)

4) COME SEE ABOUT ME (Gladys Knight) (Covay-Porter)

5) OH! NEIL (Carole King) (Goffin-Sedaka-Greenfield)

6) HE MEANS THE WORLD To ME (Supremes) (Whitfield)

7) BIG BAD WORLD (Cathy Saint) (Powers-Fisher)

8) HIS LIPS GET IN THE WAY (Shirelles) (Miller-Greenfield)

9) THINK A LITTLE SUGAR (Barbara Lewis) (Lewis)

10) ONLY YOU CAN DO IT (Vernon Girls) (Blackwell)

11) SAILOR BOY (The Sherry Sisters) (Basile-Gari)

12) ONE STEP AT A TIME (Maxime Brown) (Simpson-Ashford)

13) THERE GOES THE BOY 1 LOVE WITH MARY (Donna Lynn) (Wolf-Bower)

14) AIN'T GONNA CRY NO MORE (Gwenn Stacey) (Gates)

15) IN THE FIRST PLACE (Glenda Collins) (Vance-Snyder)

16) WAITING FOR MY BABY BABY (Barbara Simpson) (Lewis)

17) ARE YOU GETTING TIRED OF YOUR LITTLE TOY (Darlene Paul) (Kaye-Springer)

18) TWO WINTERS LONG (Irma Thomas) (Neville)

19) HEARTBREAKING YEARS (Barbara Lynn) (Ozen)

20) WHERE THERE'S LOVE THERE'S HOPE (Pat Thomas) (Raleigh-Barkan)

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