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1) WHERE DID I GO WRONG? (Marilyn Powell) (Ruskin)

2) LET LOVE DO THE TALKING (Diane Leigh) (Pouliot)

3) MIXED UP SHOOK UP GIRL (Patty and the Emblems) (Huff-Mc Griff)

4) HURRY HOME TO ME (Anita Bryant) (Nathan)

5) HASTE MAKES WASTE (Jackie Ross) (Davis-Caston)

6) I'M ON MY WAY (Barbara Dane) (Dane)

7) MY BOYFRIEND ... (Becky and the Lollipops) (Motola -Page)

8) WHAT KIND OF GIRL (Demetris Tapp) (Byers)

9) AFTER THE LAUGHTER (Marcie Blane) (Goodman-Simon)

10) HE'S A LOVER (Tutti Hill) (Miller-Porter)

11) I TALK TO YOUR PICTURE (Lesley Miller) (Miller)

12) THE HAPPIEST BIRTHOAY PARTY (Lollipops) (Moffitt)

13) LIVE IT UP (Laurie Sisters) (Stillman-Canfora)

14) CALL HIM BACK (Donna Lewis) (Meshel-Barr)

15) LOVER IS JUST ANOTHER NAME FOR FOOL (Diane Trask) (Wolf-Raleigh)

16) WHY AM I SO SHY? (The Three Pennies) (Margo-Medress)

17) STUCK ON YOU (Yvonne Carroll) (Mc Cor)

18) YOUR KISSES KILL ME (Eydie Gorme) (Discant-Laurence)

19) PLEASE (Linda Leigh) (Rotella-Sanicola)

20) I'LL MAKE YOU MUSIC (Beverly Bremers) (Roberts)

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