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1) SECOND BEST (Barbara Jackson) (James-Gregory)

2) LITTLE LOST LOVER (Denise Germaine) (Edwards)

3) IT HURTS TO BE SIXTEEN (Andrea Carroll) (Grossmann)

4) TAKE A WORD (Marcy Jo) (Shul-Meshel)

5) LOCK YOUR HEART AWAY (Susan Singer) (Schroeder-Hawker)

6) WHY DON'T YOU LET YOURSELF GO ? (Sapphires) (Clark)

7) AT THIS STAGE OF THE GAME (Linda Lawrence) (Brass-Levine-Kooper)

8) YOU DON'T KNOW GIRLS (Kathy Linden) (Stallman-Jacobson)

9) PLEASE DON'T TALK TO THE LIFEGUARD (Diane Ray) (Dee-Goehring)

10) HE'S THE ONLY BOY FOR ME (Diane Coleman) (Varnick)

11) LOVE IS THE ONLY ANSWER (Lollipops) (Ossman)

12) FORGET YOU (Vikki Carr) (Rascal-Sherman-Weiss)

13) YOU CAN'T STOP ME (FROM DREAMING) (Betty O'Brien) (Otis-Williams)

14) A BEATLE MEETS A LADYBUG (Paula Lamont) (Stone)

15) JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIES (Jackie De Shannon) (De Shannon)

16) WHY DON'T THAT BOY LEAVE ME ALONE ? (Diane Christian)(Spencer)

17) ARE YOU THE BOY ? (Tuesday Weld) (Perry)

18) HULLABALOO (Joey Heatherton) (Davis-Williams-Butler-Lance)

19) IT'S MY TIME (The Drew-Vels) (Black)

20) I CRIED (Tammy Montgomery) (Brown-Byrd)

Return List