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1) HEAVEN FOR A WHILE (Pat Hervey) (Wyns)

2) YOU GOT ME IN A FIX (Susan King) (Wright-Lucie)

3) NOBODY LOVES ME (Ann Craig) (Caroll-Armstread)

4) HOLD BACK THE TEARS (Shockettes) (Jackson-Banks)

5) MY SUMMER LOVE (Diane Ray) (Wayne-Moore)

6) THE DANCE IS OVER (Eydie Gorme) (Goffin-Weiss-King)

7) WALK SOFTLY CHILDREN (Elisabeth Lands) (Martin)

8) OLE FATHER TIME (Millie Foster) (Winfield-Scott)

9) LAUGHABLE (Shirley Bolt) (Preston)

10) THE BIG CHANGE (Anna King) (Dixon-Edwards-Weiss)

11) GEE! IT'S GREAT TO DE YOUNG (Susan Singer) (Rogers)

12) DON'T LAUGH IF I CRY AT YOUR PARTY (Tamiko) (Kerr-Barnes)

13) I'LL FIND YOU (The Bee Jays) (Simpson-Ashford)

14) GOSSIP (The Tiffanies) (Williams)

15) GOODBYE CRUEL LOVE (Linda Griner) (Robinson)

16) YOU PULLED A FAST ONE (The Vip's) (Giant-Baum-Kaye)

17) WHATCH WHAT YOU DO WITH MY BABY (Peggy March) (Giant-Baum-Kaye)

18) MAY BE (Jane Morgan) (O'Mahonney)

19) LITTLE THINGS LIKE THAT (Suzy Wallis) (Titleman-Colber)

20) YOU MADE A FOOL OF ME (Darlene Mc Crea) (Vann)

Return List