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1) PIXIE GIRL (Jil Jackson) (Jackson)

2) I'LL HAVE TO LET HIM GO (Martha+Vandelas) (Stevenson)

3) TROUBLE OVER THE WEEK-END (Betty Everett) (Singleton-Snyder)

4) WHY'D YOU WANNA MAKE ME CRY FOR (Connie Stevens) (Goffin-King)

5) WHERE DO I GO? (Little Eva) (Goffin-King)

6) RESIST (Petula Clark) (Grant)

7) BABY PLEASE DON'T GO (Jo Ann Henderson) (Henderson)

8) RECIPE FOR LOVE (Ronettes) (Miller-Denson)

9) HARD WAY TO GO (Exciters) (Mc Coy)

10) PRETTY LITTLE BABY (Connie Francis) (Stirling-Nauman)

11) WHEN YOUR LOVER COMES BACK (Mary Wells) (Gordy)

12) GOING BACK WHERE I BELONG (Sugar Pie Desanto) (Parham)

13) IF YOU LOVE HIM (Joannie Sommers) (Darin)

14) MAKE ME BELONG TO YOU (Barbara Lewis) (Mc Coy)

15) SHE'LL BE GONE (Betty O'Brian) (Williams-Byers)

16) BAD BOY (The Donays) (France)

17) WATCH WHAT YOU DO WITH MY BABY (Julie Grant) (Giant-Baum-Kaye)

18) I REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU (Jo Ann Campbell) (Hatcher)

19) FROM JIMMY WITH TEARS (Honeys) (Kaye-Glover)

20) SONG WITHOUT END (Barbara Ruskin) (Ruskin)

Return List