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1) I'LL BE ALL ALONE (Barbara Redd) (Guida-Royster)

2) WALK SOFTLY (Joanne Touchstone) (Simon)

3) IS THAT THE WAY YOU PLANNED IT (Betty O'Brien) (Stevenson)

4) IS IT OVER BABY ? (Cindy Malone) (Fitting)

5) I REALLY LOVE YOU (Jeannie Allen) (Allen-Campbell)

6) I DON'T DESERVE A BOY LIKE YOU (Barbara English) (Kolber-Keller)

7) TOMMOROW NEVER CAME (Jean Brooks) (Garson-Lewis)

8) CALL ME A FOOL (Norma Jean) (Gentille-Lombert)

9) THERE GOES THE LUCKY ONE (Jackie Lee) (Beadle-Conrad)

10) FOOTSTEPS OF A FOOL (Mavis Rivers) (Wyche-Steward)

11) NON GUARDAMI (Claudia Mori) (Prata-Piacchi-Panzuti)

12) SH... LISTEN ! (Miss Cathy Brasher) (Angel)

13) JOEY (Kelly sisters) (Weismantel-London)

14) MY MAN (Carolyn Brant) (Yvain-Willemetz-Davis)

15) DON'T MONKEY WITH ME (Lollipops) (Kusik-Douglas)

16) PRETTY LITTLE WORDS (Tawny Williams) (Stevens)

17) I WANNA BE YOUR LOVER (Diane Emond) (De Vorzon-Chandler)

18) WHAT I GOTTA DO (Jenny Lee) (Clark)

19) SCARY MOVIES (Monica Kirby) (White)

20) HEARTLESS LOVER (Vocal girl version) (Dick Baker) (Baker)

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