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1) STOP KNOCKIN'. (Juanita Nixon) (Billy Myles)

2) AM I IN LOVE ? (Ronnie and the Crayons) (Johnson-Brooks)

3) THE PUPPET. (Carla Thomas) (Thomas)

4) TO BE LOVED BY YOU. (Marie Knight) (Scott)

5) PROMISE ME ANYTHING. (Lu Ann Simms) (Hemric-Styner)

6) NEVER LESS THAN YESTERDAY (Paula Wayne) (Kusik-Alhert)

7) EVENING. (Julie London) (Parish-White)

8) TEN GOOD REASONS. (Donna Loren) (Kaye-Springer)

9) I'VE GOTTEN OVER YOU. (Sonnettes) (Whitfield)

10) HE'S GOT EVERYTHING. (Rita Pavone) (Shuman-Pomus)

11) HOW COME ? (Birdie Green) (Barry-Powers)

12) HEY LOVER. (Giny Satin) (Covay-Berry)

13) JUST A BAD THING. (Janice Christian) (Gates-Foster)

14) MOMENTS. (Joyce Davis) (Berry)

15) NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO WEEP. (Simone Dina) (Burroughs-Vano)

16) ONCE A FOOL. (Lesley Miller) (Barkan-Raleigh)

17) WALK ON INTO MY HEART. (Bobbie Smith) (Browner)

18) TRUE BLUE (Donna Lynn) (Wolf-Bower)

19) ONE SWEET KISS (The Hopefuls) (Samyers-Burton)

20) HOME OF THE BRAVE. (Bonnie and the Treasures) (Mann-Weil)

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