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1) DON'T PITY ME (Joanie Sommers) (Stuart-Oliver)

2) THINK IT OVER (AND BE SURE) (Liz Verdi) (Verdi)

3) JUST MULTIPLY (Varetta Dillard) (White-Wolfson)

4) 1 WANNA KNOW (Emmy Lou) (Gordon)

5) MY SMILE IS JUST A FROWN (Carolyn Crawford) (Bradford-Robinson)

6) A KISS TO REMEMBER YOU BY (Susan Rafey) (Brass-Levine)

7) DREAM BABY (Cherilyn) (Bono)

8) BUT 1 LOVE HIM (Doris Troy) (Kusik-Snyder)

9) LET ME DO IT MY WAY (Jo Ann Campbell) (David-Dixon)

10) JUST BE YOURSELF (La Brenda Ben) (Fowler)

11) LOSIN'MY TOUCH (Peggy March) (Catans-Trinachi)

12) THE MANY MOODS OF MY BABY (Pat Hervey) (Russel)

13) DON'T FIGHT IT BABY (Essex) (Mc Coy)

14) TEACH ME TONIGHT (Robin Ward) (Botkin)

15) DON'T LET THE HURT SHOW THROUGH (Karen Kelly) (Montgomery)

16) THERE HE GOES (Yvonne Carroll) (Sloan-Barri)

17) CAN'T HOLD BACK THE TEARS (Rita Pavone) (Keller-Ross)

18) LOST IN WONDERLAND (Connie Stevens) (Gates)

19) PAPER TIGER (Sue Thompson) (Loudermilk)

20) THE HEART YOU BREAK (Jo Ann Temple) (Smith)

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