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Girls Girls Girls Vol.12 1) BABY LET ME BE YOUR BABY (Judy Murdock) (Raleigh-Halley)

2) SWINGIN'IN A HAMMOCK (Sue Raney) (Seymour-Wending)

3) FUNNY FACE (Linda Brannon) (Kilgore-Osborne)

4) WHATEVER LOLA WANTS (Marion Colby) (Adler-Ross)

5) HE'S SO GOOD TO YOU (Violets) (Schaltz)

6) COME ON-A MY HOUSE (Julie London) (Bagdasarian-Saroyan)

7) THERE GOES THE LUCKY ONE (Vicki Sallee) (Beadle-Conrad)

8) HANGIN ON TO MY BABY (Tracey Dey) (Rambeau-Rehak)

9) INVITATION TO A WEDDING (Barbara Jackson) (James-Gregory)

10) BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT (Vi Velasco) (Kusik-Adams)

11) GOODBYE BADDY GOOBBYE (Barbara Dane) (Dane)

12) A LITTLE YOU (Dakota Staton) (Sharp)

13) TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY (Joey Heatherton) (Milrose-Rosemblatt)

14) WHERE THE ROSES ARE GROWING (Cathy Caroll) (Halley)

15) UP-UP-UP (Peggy King) (Myles-Hall-Glover)

16) JUST BEYOND MY FINGERTIPS (Loveables) (Martin-Miller)

17) THE HEART YOU BREAK (Beverly Washburn) (Dee-Wood)

18) MY HEART'S NOT IN IT (Darlene Mc Rea) (Goffin-Titlernan)

19) A LOVE OF MINE (Gems) (Davis Miner)

20) SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL (Idalia Boyd) (Goffin-King)

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