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Girls Girls Girls Vol 1
1) MIXED UP SHOOK UP GIRL (Val Mac-Kenna) (Mc Griff-L. Huff)

2) THAT MAN OF MINE (Cathy cind Cookie) (Ch. Blakeney)

3) SOUR GRAPES (Patsy Ann Noble) (Batchelor-Roberts)

4) I KNOW A GIRL (Bet. E. Martin) (S, Tepper-Bennett)

5) SAN JUAN (Ethel Ennis) (B. Raleigh-H. Zacharias)

6) WHO'S THAT (Tracey Dey) (B. Crewe-B. Gaudio)

7) DUMB HEAD (Gini Arnell) (Hess-Munte)

8) ISN'T IT A LOVELY DAY? (P. Clark) (Berlin)

9) A SCHOOLGIRL'S DREAM (Tammy Levon) (Garfield-Weber)

10) SPEAKING OF HAPINESS (Gloria Lynne) (Scott-Radcliffe)

11) BEGINNER'S LUCK (Billie Dawne) (Labowsky-J. Shapiro)

12) SOFT SPOKEN GUY (Diane Renay) (B. Crewe-E. Rambeau-B. Rehak)

13) CAREFUL CAREFUL (Eilleen Radgers) (Pockriss-Vance)

14) OH, LOOK AT ME NOW! (Carmen Mac Rae) (Devries-Buskin)

15) HE KNOWS HOW TO LOVE ME (H. Shapiro) (H. Shapiro)

16) SLOW JERK (Sherrys) (J.D. Cook)

17) FOR GIVE ME (Babs Tino) (David-Bacharrah)

18) GONNA MAKE HIM MY BABY (April Young) (Andreoli-Poncia-Calvert)

19) IN THE FIRST PLACE (Terri Allen) (P. Vance-E. Snyder)

20) HE DOESN'T WANT YOU (Molly bee) (Ballard-Marks)

21) LIPS (Azie Modimer) (Leiber-Stroller)

22) SOMEBODY ELSE'S BABY (Dianc Castle) (Nader-Gluck-Darrow)

23) TAKIN BACK WHAT !SAID (Little Eva) (C. Taylor)

24) CROOK HIS LITTLE FINGER (Ann Heywood) (Hollins-Buchanon)

25) PLEASE DON 'T GO (Yvonne Carroll) (Sloan and Berri)
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