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1) FOOL IN LOVE (Jan Burnette) (Jones- Duncan)

2) OVERNIGHT (Toni Carroll) (Anisfield)

3) PLEASE DON'T CRY ANYMORE (Ketty Lester) (Douglas-Kusik)

4) MAKE THE NIGHT A LITTLE LONGER (Ramona King) (Goffin-King)

5) LOVE ME FOREVER (Paula Watson) (Watson)

6) LET ME TELL YOU BABY (Susan Rafey) (Anthony)

7) WITHOUT YOUR LOVE (Julie Rogers) (Hawker-Schroeder)

8) DANCING ON THE CEILING (Dodie Stevens) (Rodgers-Hart)

9) IF YOU WANNA BE MORE THAN FRIENDS (Potsy onn Noble) (Barratt)

10) MY HEART STOOD STILL (Bernadette Carroll) (Rodgers-Had)

11) YOU CAN NEVER GET AWAY FROM ME (Georgia Gibbs) (Greenfield-Keller)

12) JUST FOR THE BOY (Anita Humes) (Koppelman-Rubin)

13) WELCOME HOME (Shelley Fabores) (Kay-Springer)

14) I'TS BETTER TO CRY TODAY (Potsy Ann Noble) (Snyder-Levitte-Catalong)

15) SHE S NEW TO YOU (Molly Bee) (Silver-Owen)

16) ANY OTHER WAY (Monalisa) (Bell)

17) ONLY YOU COULD DO THAT TO MY HEART (Peggy March) (Powers-Keller)

18) ITTY BITTY HEART (J. Mae Matthews) (Szilogy-Williams-Gipson)

19) HE'S MY LITTLE DEVIL (Gini Arnell) (Taylor)

20) A LITTLE YOU (Sunny Gale) (Wilson-Shorp)

21) CAN'T RUN TO DADDY(Terri Allen) (Vonce)

22) TRY LOVE (Sparkles) (Bennes-C(irr)

23) GROWING UP TOO FAST (Diane Renay) (Crewe-Gaudio)

24) I WANNA HEAR IT FROM YOU (Nancy Adams) (Huddlestonn)

25) YOU DON'T HAVE TO PROVE A THING TO ME (Dodie Stevens) (Shooley-Shannon)

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