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1. Gogi Grant I'M GOING TO LOVE THE ONE (Trad.)

2. MindyCarson TIMEANDTEARS (Tepper - R. Bennet)

3. Lynn Cornnel DEMON LOVER(H. Schrager - A. Chorney - S. Schrager)

4. Faye Adams JOHNNEY LEE (D. Bartholomew - P King)

5. Jeannie Barnes CANTGETYOUOFFMYMIND (J.Otis - D. Johnson)

6. Meg Myles SING ON BABY (C. Otis)

7. Helen Dixon NOW BABY NOW (S. Cahn - N. Brodsky)

8. The John Sisters MU CHA CHA (Comden - A. Green - Styne)

9. Roberta Daye I'M NEVERGONNA CRY AGAIN (R. Daye)

10. Lorne Lesly I DONT KNOW (benton - Stevenson)

11. Rosalie Mann POWER HOUSE (R. Mann -J.Bravo - E. Wacker)

12. Teresa Brewer IF YOU LIKE ME (A.Renfer - Stein)

13. Pearl Woods I CAN'T WAIT (Witshire - Saxe - Bee)

14. Dorothy Bay SMOOTH OPERATOR (C.Otis -M. Strein)

15. JoStafford WHAT A FEELING (RM Mc Coy - R. Gaines)

16. Margaret Whiting TOP OF THE MOON (l. Cook - R. Gilbert)

17. Kitty Ford BLUE DIAMOND RING (Gallop - Delugg)

18. Carol Hughes CREATION (Davis - Livingstone - Peretti)

19. Marilyn Brown WALK ON THE VALD SIDE (J. Van Huesen - S. Cahn)

20. Elizabeth Lands THE MIGHTY ONE (E. Lands)

21. Barbara Allen TOMMY'S SONG (Pomus Shuman)

22. Marti Barris AHBE CASABE (M. Barris)

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